Live Broadcast:

Multi-camera Events  ~  Live Switching ~ Web Broadcasting
Live Streaming to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and other providers

Studio & Field production  ~  Red Dragon & Arri lAexa digital cinema
Digital Asset Management, Color and Transcoding  ~  Lighting  ~  Audio production

Production Crews:
Producer  ~ Director, Assistant Director  ~  Director of Photography  ~  Camera Operator  ~  1st & 2nd AC
Digital Imaging Technician  ~  Grip  ~  Gaffer  ~  Audio Engineer  ~  Boom Operator  ~  Production Assistant

Post Production:
Digital Non-Linear Editing  ~  Graphic design  ~  Motion graphic design  ~  3D modeling and animation
Color  ~  DVD and Blu-ray services ~  Internet video streaming


Camera packages, lighting and sound packages are available to rent.
You must provide a valid insurance certificate before renting.